Provider with vod and paypal


with fab closing im looking for new provider with a vod section plus paypal which are the best most reliable ones around


Hi Paul

I’ve mentioned in a few posts, I use IPTV KINGZ. I’ve tried and tested many iptv providers and this is the one that i prefer.

I’ve been with IPTV KINGZ for over a year. The package as a whole is great value for money and my main iptv provider. I subscribe every 3months which gives me that flexibility.

In all honesty, the last 2 weeks or so the service wasn’t every good but that has now been rectified and the admin team always update the users on whats happening.

Regarding your question, yes they accept Paypal and there VOD is first class, something for all the family.

I would recommend asking for a test.


Epic tv PayPal and good variety of vod


I use Vader’s. They got so big so fast that they had to install more servers and they had a few hiccups, but they gave us all a free month. Money comes out of PayPal regularly and VOD also available along with CatchUp. Telegram group for support.


been looking at vader but the reviews arent so good seem to have a lot of issues


Epic seems to be really popular and doings the rounds lately. My 3month sub runs out in Sept so i’ll be testing them out.


Let me know if you want to check out Proton. Great vod and PayPal is an option


My name is Susana and I live in Miami, US. I want to buy a dreamlink t2 box but I think I need some kind of provider or server to make it work. Can you recommend one to me? Thank you


Streams4us is very reliable that takes paypal and has a huge vod service along with much more. this service would be great with a dreamlink t2 media box.


Will fulfil your expectations


Have. a vod only service…pm for 5 hour free trial