Real IPTV Review

I’ve been using this service for a couple of weeks, and wanted to share my experience to help give back to this great community!

I mainly watch the US live TV and VOD areas, so that’s what my review will be in reference to. I have multiple services I use with Tivimate on Firestick 4K, so I will be using my experience with those to form my opinion.

Channel selection is good, it has all the movie channels I care about, and the network/cable channels are all there. 24/7 has most of the staples but is lacking the more obscure shows I enjoy from time to time. I was told only the most stable channels are added to the service, so this is likely the reason why some are missing.

At times, random channels can start looping or show the wrong channel, but support has fixed any issues as soon as they are made aware of the issue.

I’ve watched a few VOD movies with no buffering throughout the entire movie, it’s been great!

Channel organization is good, US live tv is broken down into 5-6 categories without a lot of bloat.

Support (via Discord) has been fantastic, there are multiple channels set up on Discord that you can take any issues to and they have been resolved quickly. Anytime I’ve had a question or concern it’s answered, often within minutes.

Overall, I would rate this service a 4 out of 5.

Hope this helps some people make a decision!


Thank you for you comment. This make us more stronger and we will all do for our costumers.
Costumers are number 1.

Thank you


I join this thread wanting to share my experience with this provider and probably help out when making a decision.

I was looking for a new provider cos with my last one was not so happy (zillions of channels offered but many of them were not working or buffering/looping and support was missing).

So I started googling around on the web and came across this Realiptv by pure chance.After reading the whole discord thread I realized that the owner is a serious guy who respects himself and his clients.Whenever a problem occurred he was there to solve within minutes.

So I decided to give it a go and here I am after more than a week now to review.

Streaming runs smoothly,no freezes no buffering.

I use IPTV smarters pro and works seamlessly,but I ‘ve read it works on all platforms.

Brings in the channels very fast.

Vast selection of channels well categorized,neat and clean,98%working, and when they are not ,the support is there to fix them.

You can ask for whatever country you like.

UK and US channels are all there woking properly.

I mostly watch Italian and Greek channels;some channels from the Greek category (Cosmote sport channels for example )are missing or dead,but the owner is so serious of what he’s offering that he promised he’s gonna fix it too!(Greek football fans out there stick around…:wink::wink:)

Huge VOD but I don’t use it.

Unbeatable price!

Couldn’t have asked for more!

Hope this helps out!


Thank you @giochr3

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I would like to add to previous reviews.

I use the service with tivimate. Rarely does the service buffer, support is second to none when there is an issue, and I love the tv logos… Sometimes the small things matter… Lol

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Thank you @AFC80

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Totally agree,channel logos appear on smarters pro as well.It’s always good to have this extra perk!:smiley:

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We do all for our costumers!!

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Best guys !!! Thank you , perfect services !


💚 Glad to have you with us! 💚

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Thank you…

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Getting back to this thread wanting to update my review of this provider after more than a month on board.
Things have not only been good so far,but have only got better and better during this period of time,and I will explain what I mean:
Many channels have received un upgrade @50 FPS and new sources have been added for countries like USA UK Canada and Australia.Epg is working fine on most of them.
The guy who runs the service has always been around should a problem occurred ,discord server runs 24/7,administrators are also very helpful, so customer support remains fantastic.
But what has been a huge and massive upgrade has been the addition of a new premium server where you find @4K native quality all French channels and most Germans;even more are about to come!
Picture is just superb!
All channels at best quality in one place.
At the same time I cannot fail to mention the promise he gave me a month ago about Greek channels.Finally all Greek channels are there, running properly in excellent quality,even the most difficult and sought after Cosm0te sport channels;so Greek football fans look nowhere else,this is the place to be hands down. Couldn’t have been happier.
Finally a new promise has been given:all Italian channels will be soon @4K.
E questo ve lo dico in italiano per tutti quelli che se ne intendono:lo potete immaginare,tutte le partite in 4K,mah non vedo l’ora!!!
Let’s see what the future holds,in the meantime keep up the sterling work.
A very happy customer!

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Thank you…we work for our costumers the best to make them happy because with us costumer is number 1 and then everything else.

and what of the reliability of the EPG ? how is the EPG on Canadian and US Channels ? I am also using Tivimate. thx

Epg work fine on uk and usa is from 3 to 5 day catchup…

okay, so I use Tivimate, and how does a trial work ? Do you have a website where I can create an account and pay ?

Send you pm…pleasse chek.

Thank you

so how do I make payment ?
I need US channels , UK channels specifically good working Eurosport and UK Channel 4 and Channel 5 and UK Documentaries. I need Canda channels - cp24, cbc, citytv toronto, TSN 1 > 4, Sportsnet ON > country wide.

Send you massage…pleasse chek

I didn’t get anything ? Can you resend how I am too get your service as a trial ?