Recommendations pls about this iptv world

hi guys & sorry if this has already been answered but im real new to iptv & also v unlucky when stream for us got shut down nw searching for iptv provider.

lookin into getting 2 resell iptv. any of the customers here can point me to th right direction for gd reselling scheme/service etc this wud b fantastic.

also tried couple service but ws bit locked in order to having to download apps etc. if anyone can recommend a good service they personally used and that “WON’T” get shut down as i seem to be so flipping unlucky lol 5 providors in two yrs is no gd.

many thanks.


**hi sir give us a message we would be happy to help u get setup and start selling our great service **
**but we do only offer our own apps to download for our service **
**our credits are monthly fee **
with free set up we don’t charge a set up fee

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Check us out. Here at Adrenaline, we offer a fantastic service that covers a wide range of audiences. We have a huge dedicated sports section & offer HD, FHD, and UHD. Great credit pricing as well for Resellers!

More info here: 🅰 Adrenaline TV: Top Quality Service at Amazing Prices. Market Leader in Entertainment.SD/HD/FHD/Super Panels Available

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many thansk 4 rplying back. shame bout havin to dwnload apps but guess its only way i wont ave to suffer wid another shutdown lol

@premium_iptv_streams tht wud bee gr8 if u cud gimme little bit more info on reselling thx

I’ll message u bk sir

hi Pm i canj help you out

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thx @sayed for your pm.

any 1 can furhter give info pls dis be gr8

Hi @joshb99

If you are still looking for an honest iptv provider…
We are looking for honest, responsible, and dedicated resellers :wink:
We are not just another IPTV service provider - We cater to a worldwide region - With thousands of content to enjoy with sharp picture & no buffering or lag!

Support for The following devices…

:point_right:iOS Devices - iPhone/iPad
:point_right:Firestick/Fire TV
:point_right:Android TV Boxes & Tablets
:point_right:Android Smartphones
:point_right:Smart TV (LG & Samsung)
:point_right:MAG BOX / STB EMU
:point_right:Windows - VLC Player
:point_right:Enigma Devices
:point_right:Roku TV / Roku Stick

PM us and we can discus the processes.

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thx i will pm u…

Yes I have pm you could you reply when u can

u can whatapp me on 07494096439

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I noticed a lot of this iptv guys r foolish trying to make an illegal trade like its genuine saying u have to pay monthly fee n all that bullshit all these wasn’t happening in d early days of iptv becos a lot of this rogues iptv provider we’re still breast feeding resellers shud b careful wit loads of new provider they don’t give a fuck as they will end up getting shut down by authorities n subscribers will end up been d loser as u will not get ur money back there aggressive marketing style is to grab as much money they can n leave resellers hanging any providers that tell resellers u will b paying monthly fees run from them there r few old skool providers who will create panels for u at no cost n u just buy credits n sell at ur own pace most of this new providers criminals r Asian dudes who take resellers money n run n the begin to tell resellers all sort of craps when u give dem ur money these guys have no office or proper contacts so b careful wit dem look for decent provider who wud not try to milk u iptv is illegal all these premium streams r cowards who hide behind computers n behave like gangsters they r killing d joy we r having wit iptv

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Well said bro couldn’t agree more.

I would recommend that you go for a premium provider that has been on the market for years. If you just look at this forum alone you can see tons of resellers looking for subsellers and in my eyes that doesn’t look like a solid place to buy anything.
You should look for those who have some sort of requirements for becoming a reseller and also makes sure that those who signs up have an obligation to take care of the possible customers that they get in. Anyone can get unlucky and get a poor behaving reseller/subseller but in those cases the seller should get kicked out and the lines/support should be moved to the main service so that the customers still have what they paid for.



download our own app for the following android or amazon devices or app for web browser for windows or xbox or ps4

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Hey joshb99

Your are more than welcome to trial our service to see what it has to offer prior to becoming a reseller.

We are currently the fastest growing IPTV service.

We support all devices: -

:tv: MAG :tv:

:tv: Android :tv:

:tv: Smarters :tv:

:tv: Our own GingerHD android app :tv:

:iphone: Smart phones :iphone:

:desktop_computer: Computers :desktop_computer:

You name it, you can stream our amazing service on it.

We provide: -

:uk: All U.K. :uk: And :uk: Sports
:us: All USA :us: And :us: Sports
:earth_africa: Global Comment :earth_asia:

:boxing_glove: :martial_arts_uniform: Pay Per View :martial_arts_uniform: :boxing_glove:

:popcorn: :movie_camera: :film_strip: The Largest Vídeo on Demand & Series Library :film_strip: :movie_camera: :popcorn:

:envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow: Prompt Discord Support :envelope_with_arrow::envelope_with_arrow:

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Thanks guys for alll your recommondation

Wow, you are unlucky!
Good luck getting a subscription & or reseller plan, I’m sure one of these UNLIMITED CREDIT sellers will sort you out & further add to ruining a good thing!
If you are serious about getting into reselling then like someone previously said " a good provider will sell you credits to resell at your own pace".

But with your luck, please don’t get involved with my providers :rofl: