Reliable catchup

Have a problem finding 7 day uk catchup which is consistently trouble free at under €20 a month. All the cheaper ones I’ve trialled are not 7 days or regularly corrupt or are missing

I gave up on catch-up. Now we eather use TiVimate to record it or catch it later on VOD.

you do realise the server requirements for 7 days of catchup, correct? you do realise that expecting it to remain below 20 is a stretch.

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Please join my Discord and my admin will asisst you

Come all Live UK and rest of the world Channels VOD Movies and Series

Come join my discord for a free trial and one of my admins will assist you :wink:

Thank you :wink: :blush:

Hi there, we offer 7 day catch up and have a good choice of UK channels, nice and stable. Price for one month is €14. Unfortunately we don’t offer trials over the weekend, however send us a message on Monday and we can arrange a free trial for you. May I ask what device you are using? Thanks

Thanks. Mag 254 is my device

We support those, I’ll wait to hear from you!

Morning. I’ll take up your trial offer, however don’t want to waste your time. If your url ends 80/c or similar it’s most unlikely to have the catch up quality I need

Good morning, Our url doesn’t end this way so I ill make a trial and send you details in a private message

Message sent, many thanks

How many USA channels on the 7 day catch up do you have?


Hi, we have over 50 US catch up channels. You’re welcome to take a trial to see if we have what you need, thanks

Please send me a trial as I would like to try it out and see if you have what I’m looking for…


Hi. Trial went well. Tbh I was surprised at the stability of catchup, since the epg format and content seem to be the same as about 90% of providers use, and my experience to get stable catchup has been either expensive or very hit and miss.
Current provider ends about 13 March, think I’ll be back to you then to try a month

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Glad you were pleased, look forward to hearing from you, thanks

I’ll send you a private message to arrange

Can u send me a pm with what uk channels hav catch up plz

Hi, there are 70 UK channels that have catch up, so to be honest it will be better for you to take a free trial to check for yourself. Let me know if you would like to arrange, thanks