Searching for a replacement for serious iptv

Hey guys I have been using serious iptv for a while now for the following reasons. They have a massive UK channel selection which are in neat categories. With any duplicate regional canals in anoth category. Also the have a section for 3pm kickoff.

I know that a lot of iptv went down when xtream codes was raided.

I am now after a replacement that can if possible work without a vpn and also not have constant buffer on big games. I.e don’t take on more subs than you can take. Also multi screen and to have the freedom to use my sub where ever I go I. E phone, tablet etc. Ip locking will just stop me using it while I’m out.

Any members who can recommend I decent sup please let me know. Thanks guys.

I can suggest our services for a trial if you wish, send a pm.

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Hi Nordic,

Could I try a trial please also.

sure, check your pms!

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Were is my TV you PiS off shit dont take from him

Can I try a trail please

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Can you keep calm? I really don’t understand why you are reacting in such an aggressive manner, yes we didn’t communicate to you personally on here but we wrote on our pages what was happening - we migrated our servers to a new middle ware and had a few hours of down time. So did Rapid over the weekend, nothing major it was for a few hours and all is back and running even better and smoother than before.

We offer the best premium quality servers and service message [premi

Check these guys out they are fully up and running, and on any down time they have backup free of charge with a backup application so you’re never out of service

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No IP lock watch on the go