♔ Seeking a reasonably priced sub (ideally -/=£40) that has no series or VOD #M3U ♔

Hey there! I'm looking for a reasonably priced sub that supports Kodi. Can anyone entertain this criterion?

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Hi we do a very reasonable price sub. For 8 pound a month you get our main account and our backup account. For superior service . but we do nor support kodi. Sorry but the Duplex app work very better than Kodi on PC and laptop.

Hope you find what yiu are looking for.

I prefer Kodi because I am accustomed to this. Third-party apps ain't my thang mayne.

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Wow! Nobody support Kodi? What's going on guys?

Kodi is Too out / old fashioned matey… Kodi gone down the drain… Not many use that anymore…

Hope theres someone out there that can belp u out…

Amen to that. Appreciate the explanation.

It’s not old fashioned, providers here simply mainly offer custom apps.
For some platforms these are not viable. But that doesn’t make Kodi obsolete…

I’m having the same troubles as you have, not related to Kodi specifically.

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Wdym same problems as me sir? How hard can it be to provide a customised M3U?

Hi all IPTV provide no longer supply m3u for security reason and people abuse are trust by posting them on social media,. So a few people has spoiled the fun has per usuals.

What is your Device please.?


As for not supporting KODI or giving out m3u links it has a reason not only because we want you to use our apps, but we want to assure that we stay up and running, as providing m3u links or xtream codes makes our urls exposed so we can get ddos attacks and also get busted, so better be safe than be sorry

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You have a point there ngl

However, most providers/resellers do not require a VPN any longer so why should you worry about 'getting busted'?

Check this guy out @BestbuyIPTV.

Extremely reasonable packages, excellent customer service and lag-free streams!

Here’s their official thread

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Thank you brother

:tv: Reviews from customers :tv: Price list :tv: Test l Trial :tv: Resellers details :tv:

-Website : https://shoppy.gg/@Bestbuyiptv

-Telegram : https://t.me/nasaott

-Whatsapp : https://wa.me/+212601896782

-Email : shopforyoufree@gmail.com

-Discord : TV4ALL#2961

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Great product, service was very quick, in fact I got it less than 10 minutes. Picture quality is great. Thank you


@ministerval you are welcome, also you are a nice person you deserve our good quality :star:

Thank you so much



It's a pleasure to have you with us. Any questions or queries don't hesitate to contact us. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♔

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Hi guys, I have an issue hope you can help. My Mag box crashed and wont come up. I have a AVOV Tvonline box, would it be possible to cancel my mag box mac address and transfer my account to the AVOV box. If so the MAC address is 00:1A:79:93:BB:F4.

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@ministerval @BestbuyIPTV

Please contact via PM.