Seeking information

Is there an IPTV provider that can supply a group of selected channels requested by the subscriber? (probably less than 1000 channels) Ls825

Apparently You can tailor your own M3u lists using this tool. Obviously you have to pay. No, I’m not affiliated with it. :smile:

I keep meaning to get this and try for myself. Just havent got round to it. I think they do a free trial.

Hi best thing is to have a free 48 test
I’ve been using justiptv for 6 years and they have always added channels for
Me when requested so give them a try it’s invite only , so use my name Mark and email them on
They are based in the Eu so don’t forget time differences enjoy

You’ve got got the same username as the service you’re plugging. Are you associated with them by any chance? Nothing wrong with that but you post like an end user? :man_shrugging: