Seeking provider with Xtream / M3U [updated request]


I’m looking for a nice backup for my primary account.

Seeking the following (requirements):

  • Xtream with portal url (preference) or M3U, both with EPG
  • Presence of Netherlands/Dutch channels
  • No requirement of installing custom apps
  • 1 or 2 connections (but realistically will be using 1 concurrently)

Nice to haves:

  • Preferably hosted in Europe
  • Don’t require VOD (can be included, but simply won’t use it)
  • Major + when sports channels would be 50fps (Only for F1 related channels)
  • Not required, but super cool if bouquet could be customized to exclude unrequited groups.

My hardware

  • Formuler Z8
  • Xiaomi Box S

Trial required to test buffering and checking FPS of sport channels.

KR, Mike

Hello there. I think we can fill those requests. Will send you a pm!

Here at Adrenaline, we provide 2 services. Free trials to both.

Super Resellers are welcome to both of our services.

Adrenaline TV - 7500 Channels (optional vod can be included: 7500 Movies & 1000 Series)

• UK / US / CA / Europe / Latino / 24/7 / Huge sports dedicated section/ SD,HD,UHD/FHD/50FPS & way more!

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I second your requirements, with Ex-yu channels included.

We have what you are looking for but not at that price. Send me a PM if you are looking for a premium provider.

Can I have trial please

You can send me a PM if you are looking for a trial

I’m waiting for trial sir

Bumping this topic;

Demands have shifted a bit, but the following is a hard requirement (don’t offer if you can’t fulfill):

  • Dutch-spoken F1/Racing channels in 50fps or higher (Eurosport, Ziggo Sport or Ziggo Sport Select or Play Sports 1/2/3/4/5/6)

Preferably with XC support (portal with login) or M3U - but I seize that requirement.

Note: it could be earlier offered providers can offer above.
Please provide me with a trial so I can test again.
Note 2: I’ll be using a VPN via Germany, make sure your service can coop with that (certain devices are routed hard through VPN)

Thanks in advance.

KR, Mike

Nobody who can offer this?
Doesn’t have to be 1080p or higher. 720p is fine already.
As long as it’s 50fps.

@Mikej0h I have good dutch channels, specially focused for the Nederlands but not for that price you are seeking for.

I’ve updated the start post. I’ll contact you for a test.
If others can offer as well, please do (I always use 1+1, 1 main, one backup).

The sole requirement is 50fps for the channels mentioned.

KR, Mike