Selling a top IPTV service at affordable prices

Hi selling an IPTV Service for the rates I have stated below:

£45 for 12 months
£28 for 6 months
£18 for 3 months
£9 for 1 month

I have a successful shop on Ebay
As you know Ebay is becoming strict on selling IPTV selling so thought id join this nice community to share my services.
Its a top service, brilliant for sports, im a UK national so I know what its like to have a top Sport selection :+1:
It has movies, UK, USA and international categories, VOD (Movies and TV series), PPV and XXX.
I accept PayPal so no nasty surprises.
All channels are displayed in HD/FHD
WhatsApp Support Group

Service is available on all devices

If you’d like a trial its £3 for 48 hours

Thanks for looking