Serious iptv review

Hey guys, if been using serious iptv for a few months now and can say I’m very pleased with the service.
I have tried so many providers and this has been by for the best. I tried them because of the UK channel list and hd content.
If the service goes down the staff are very quick to sort out any problems and answer any support tickets you have.

If you want a great iptv at a great price then give them a try.

If you have any questions about the service just ask and I will give you my honest opinion.

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Are you from Canada?

I’ve also used them for a few months. Got in for when they had the 20% off during x-mas. I missed the Black Friday deal. That was 50% off. I will watch out for this year’s Black Friday deal. I agree the UK channels are solid but they are NOT 50-60fps. Still good but could be better. They do have some News channels 50-60fps. If you want a back-up service for low price, SRS does the job. They are new so It will take time for them to develop more of a presence like FB/Telegram Support. The ticket system is out-dated. I also dont like the fact there is hardly any news about them, what they are up to etc…hence lack of FB/Telegram. FInally, they still need to devleop their 7/24 channels, VOD…but overall they do cover the basic CA/US/UK quite well. If you like 2000 -+ channels and not 5000+, this is good. Once again, their cost is low so someone should not be hesitant to add them if you like to have 3 or more providers.


Okay that’s great , could you please tell me that, which app are you using currently?

As many as I can find since IPTV is so unpredictable. On my N.Shield, I use OTT Navigator, Tivimate, PP, Extreme PRO, Kodi, GSE.


Do they do ifollow and red button sports?

How decent are the streams when united play (this normally causes server crashes on beast).

Brilliant streams, I always use with a VPN and never get any problems with blocks/buffering etc.
They have iFollow and red button channels.

I have tried a few providers and they seem the best. Vader’s was good but it went down constantly. I’m from the UK. What would you recommend for me.

I’m from the uk not Canada

I use zaltv to watch my iptv on.

Doodcom, what are you asking for by way of recommendation?

I wasn’t after a recommendation at 1st just saying I was happy. But recently when watching a main even I.e football it has been a tad glitchy. Plus the picture could be better. I’m always on the look out for better providers. If anyone knows of a good one let me know :slight_smile:

Firestarter have posted on here. I gave them a trial, fantastic streams, I took out a 12 month sub off the back of that, they’ve never let me down, no buffering etc and their customer service is really good. I use 5 different providers, they’re my No1. Serious are my 2nd choice.

What’s there UK content like and football on big events

Could you PM me a link to there site

Doodcom. Just sent.

All uk sports channels /PL games and PPV events. You may need a VPN, I use one for everything so not sure if they’re affected by blocks. I never got any issues with blocks/buffering anyway.

Thanks, il check them out

Dont know if its been because its the holiday weekend, but their support have been terrible over 24 hours now of not being able to connect due to a 405 error (means problem with the Xtream codes backend for the account) and had silly replies from support asking me to not use a vpn, use a vpn, telling me the wrong password was being used when i told them i changed it to see if it could help.

Just hoping once they get it working its all good.

Hopefully they get things sorted soon as I like them

Just got it sorted now.

The support dont really show themselves in a good light, but able to use it now.

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