Setplex SP-110 STB


I purchased a Setplex SP-110 from Settv with their APK pre-installed. The device is now unusable since they seaced operations. Has anyone in the same predicament found a way to get the device working again or is it now just a boat anchor.


It’s an Android box? If it is you can add any number of services. Subscriptions run anywhere from $5 to $30 a month. But only pay by the month so you don’t have a repeat of what just happened good luck butter


I use simplytv it’s the same company their mag service is through setplex so email them and ask if you can use device with they’re service.I was surprised when I asked about mag device and they said yes


Thanks for the reply. I can’t add anything as I don’t have access to any web browser. It is stuck on a screen that has my MAC Address, Serial Number and options to Refresh, Login/Password Pin Code. I can’t find a way to factory reset so I could add another services APK.


I’m trying to send you a picture the reset button is right next to the power button