Setup for a complete beginner HELP!

Hi guys,
I’m in the Uk and I’ve come to the end of my ■■■ tv package and also my broadband package. So now seems to be as good a time as any to start looking into IPTV.
Now, I know absolutely nothing about this subject and would really like to get an understanding of what is involved in setting this up and therefore saying good bye to my £85 a month ■■■ bill.
I mainly watch sports, and English premier league football is top of my priority list.
So I need to know what equipment I will need to buy, which VPN I should use and will it work with my BT homehub 6.
How do I go about setting it all up and is there anything important that I might need to know? On top of that, I would like the ability to record programmes.
So really I guess what I’m after is something that is as close to using ■■■ as possible but with the added benefit of being able to watch all the football.
Any help here would be truly appreciated and thank you in advance!

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I use Express VPN, approx £100 a year.
Providers, there are good ones on here, read the reviews and take out the free trials on offer.

Regarding apps to record, the one I use is called Extreme IPTV. If you go with this, you will need an M3u url from a provider.

Thanks for your reply!
I have seen express VPN, that seems to be pretty solid. Do you know if I can apply that to my BT router so that everything going through it is covered? Or would I apply it to individual devices such as the IPTV box itself?
Also would I need an app to record? Are there boxes that have integrated hard drives So you can record direct to them?

No problem :smile:

I’ve got Express VPN hosted on a separate Linksys router behind my ISP Router (I used to have BEETEE but have changed to Zen as my ISP). It’s not the cheapest way of doing it but now everything behind my isp router is vpn protected. You can install Express VPN directly onto your android box, but only this will be protected. In saying that, Express VPN allows upto 5 devices per subscription. I’ve also got it on my iPhone as well for use when away from home.

You can download extreme IPTV onto an android box via google play. Obviously storage is restricted to a degree as to what you have on your box, although you can plug in USB storage to your box to increase recording capacity.

Right ok! Express VPN sounds like a good option then! I suppose I could ditch the BT router and just replace with a Linksys or the like.
So you mention an android box, I’m also an iPhone user so I have no idea about android.
Would you recommend an android box?
Someone I met on holiday (whilst sat in a bar watching the footy through their IPTV) mentioned a zgemma H2S box? Have you heard of them? I also keep hearing about the Nvidia shield and mag 322.
So once I buy whichever box from say, amazon, for example, what is the process once I have it? Is it simply a matter of finding a good IPTV subscription and downloading their software? Do they come with the TV guide as well?
The recording might not be an issue actually as I will eventually cancel my ■■■ subscription and keep the box to use with the freeview channels which is generally what the missus uses the record function for.
Sorry for all these questions, but I’m really trying to get my head around it all before I make any purchases!

No that’s fine. Happy to help to the best of my knowledge.

Those other boxes you mention, all do the same thing as an android box. The Shield is the king of boxes but maybe overkill for streaming tv etc based on its cost.

Take a look on amazon for android boxes, a good one, 4GB RAM/64GB of storage will set you back around £50-£60 ( a shield is in the region of £150-200 I think)

Then it’s a case of choosing your supplier, all of them have their own branded App if you don’t want to use extreme IPTV or something similar. then all you do is put in the username and password you get supplied with and away you go.

Incidentally, I stream direct to my smart tv but have a backup box T95Q this allows me to put on as many apps as I want.

So, I could stream direct to my smart tv without the need for a stand-alone box? Is that just a case of going into the web browser, typing in the web address, logging in and away we go?
That seems too easy!
I suppose having a box allows you to have everything to hand with all the TV guides and it’s own remote etc etc.
So in your opinion, is IPTV A good enough option to replace ■■■■■■ sport? And is it really a case of being able to pick up any of the premier league games regardless of what time they kick off? And how often do the streams go down? Is it a constant battle trying to find good streams?

It depends on your smart TV
If it’s a Samsung or LG you should have access to an app called SmartIPTV (or siptv as it’s known)
If you have a Sony, you should be able to download the Smarters app which requires supplier username/password. Easy as that.

I ditched sly & BeeTee about a year ago and watch all my sport via the IPTV provider’s ( I use 3 different ones, one who posts/sells on here) although I find different providers can work differently from person to person or setup.

I have a Panasonic tv, not sure of the model, I’ll check when I get back tonight.
The android boxes seem to be the cheapest, around £45, the zgemma and mag boxes are around £65/£70. And the Nvidia shield is up around £180. But that seems like more of a games system as it comes with a game controller.

I’ve been looking at these IPTV boxes and have pretty much narrowed it down to:

T95 max android 9.0, 4gb ram, 64gb rom £43.99.
Seems to be good value for money and a pretty decent spec.
Do you know of this device and is it sufficient?

Also the infomir mag 322 seems to be getting good reviews but the specs look way down compared to the t95 max.

I don’t know much (anything actually :smile:) about Mag boxes but they don’t appear to have the same functionality as an Android box. Happy to be corrected by someone who has.

The T95 Max box looks a good spec. And for that cost, you can’t go far wrong.

Mate a use expressvpn get dazn sports register the german 1 u dnt need a vpn and use Express to unlock canada every premiership game europa n champions league n seria a in germany u have la liga and french and german leagues plus boxing ppv n ufc mate

I just started a 7 day trial with NordVPN. They charge £76 a year, didn’t think that was too bad!
Anyone else used Nord?? Are they ok for IPTV streaming?

Also I’m just holding back on the t95 max android box for a few days as there’s a couple of Nvidia shields on eBay that are fairly cheap so if I can pick one of them up at a decent price I’ll go for that. failing that I’m gonna go back to the t95 android box I think.

Nord VPN are fine as far as I know. Not sure if you can install directly on a router if that’s what you’re looking to do. I’m sure there website will give that sort of info.

Hey i saw you talking about boxes and I am sorry but an android box is no better than have a smart tv, its not a ‘step-up’ or anything. If you are looking for a Box that is an IPTV Mediaplayer here are my reccomendations. Formuler Z8, Mag Box or the best of them all TVIP 605 - A 4K Box with WIFI capability, best compatibility codec for IPTV, time shifting functionality and changing subtitles and audio dub.

Now speaking about VPN, Some providers don’t require you to use VPN to watch UK TV, Like us, although of course it is better and more safe for you as a user to have VPN. I can personally reccomend PERFECT Privacy, although I know Nord VPN is great too, but the thing is with Nord is that they don’t cover you 100% really, they have logs of when you go on the VPN and such, but its still good, but its not really for IPTV I would say, I would say its more for commercial use. Express VPN is a great one also, same level as perfect privacy.

don’t go for the cheapest box, go for a good box. Formuler or TVIP are your best options.

Lastly, I would like to offer you a 60 minute trial to check out our services at your convenience we would be happy to help you.

Thanks for your input! I will check out the
tvip 605 that sounds exactly what I’m looking for.
As for the VPN, I’m only trialling NordVPN for the time being and actually I’m totally open to trying the recommendations.
My TV is 4/5 years old now, Im not sure it’s the best smart tv going so I’m not sure how well it would cope with streaming IPTV, although it does have Netflix, YouTube and prime on it which work perfectly fine.
Maybe I should try streaming IPTV directly through it to begin with.
How would I go about doing that though?

As I said, you’d need an application on your TV that is compatible with the provider you’re looking to go with.

I can sell you a share in shared nord account for £10.00 a year