Shark IPTV - The Free Trial


I have tried to trial Shark IPTV but to no success. They give you 60 mins after you have activated the trial. No tutorials or other information on installing the URL. Once you install the URL it comes up with errors. By the time you check and double check the errors and there were none the activation period has expired. What a waste of time.


Re: Shark IPTV
I took the risk and purchased 6 months. No regrets whatsoever. Very pleased with uptime and quality of channels.


I would like to retract my last comment! I do apologize. It’s Shack TV I have not Shark! I know nothing about Shark TV. My comment is still relative but to Shack TV.

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I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. I am not affilaited with any IPTV service and would love to get the ‘perfect one’.
I currently subscribe to 3 services (plan is to reduce or to 2). Shack TV and d9tv (spelled correctly) are my best 2. XStreaming started out well but ‘went off the boil’. Customer service not good.
I live in Florida, currently visiting my daughter and family in Denmark and all 3 IPTV services named above are working very well. Go figure!
Glad to share my trials and tribulations with everyone, however the positives outweigh the negatives.


A trial wound be great. Thanks.

ask them for a free 24 hr trial