🦈 SHARKTV : £30 GBP / YEAR - main / backup / plex / resellers

For trial requests & other questions regarding our service, contact us via Website, Discord or Email:
:shopping_cart: ORDER: http://bit.ly/sharktv-order
:shark: DISCORD: http://bit.ly/sharktv-discord
:e-mail: EMAIL: sales.shark.tv@gmail.com


(MAIN Service)
A premium services that provides you all channels from entertainment, documentaries, news, sports, kids, adults and more! Get UK, US, CA and international channels plus great selection of movies and series!

(BACKUP Service)
A premium service that is focused on sports and channels based in UK, US and CA only.

(PLEX for movie lovers!)
Great service for movies and series. With over 50000+ movies/series and 3000+ 4k movies/series.


What We Offer:
:flag_gb: UK-Focused Channels
:earth_americas: US/CA Channels Additions
:world_map: International Channels Additions
:trophy: Premium Sports Channels
:movie_camera: Loads of Movies and Series Content
:kiss: Optional Adult Channels
:tv: Available Backup and Plex Add-on
:electric_plug: Multi-connection w/in the Same Household
:handshake: Customer & Technical Support

Supported Devices:
:computer:Firestick/Android/Nvidia/SmartTV/PC/Laptop using our apps only
:gear: We dont provide portal/url/m3u for security reasons

:bell: CONTACT US HERE: :shopping_cart: ORDER | :shark: DISCORD | :e-mail: EMAIL

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do u have available trial for this? parents have netflix but they r looking for tv mainly uk. does it work for firestick?

Hi kerrianna02, yes we offer channels mainly from UK. I have PMed you a trial for this service. Let me know if you have any questions. hope your parents like it. cheers!

wil get to u m8 cheers

looking forward to hear from you. cheers

seems to be a good deal coz i dont need vod. can i get a trial pls

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hi lemonade, thank you for your interest. I have sent you your trial details. let me know if you have questions. cheers! :blush:

quick question, do you have multiroom offer?

Hi lemonade, yes, we offer up to 3 connections :slight_smile:

ok. service seems decent and have most uk channels i need. msg u wen trial is up

Thanks lemonade, hope to hear from you soon. enjoy your day. :slight_smile:

do u support mag box? wanted to test if i can use my spare mag in another room

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hi lemonade, yes we do support MAG box for this service. Ive PM you. Kindly reply to it with your MAC address so we can put the box to a test :slight_smile: Cheers

hi dad loves the trial says works well with his tv. how do i sign up? will i get a new login and how long will i get new login once paid as i need to set it up before i leave the house ta!

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Hello kerrianna02, glad your dad loves the service. You can keep the same login so that you wont have to set it up again. As for the payment, once its paid, accounts team should be able to update your account and send an email within 10-15mins. :blush: Ive also PMd you with more details. cheers

thank you, im all set now. i will contact you again. i have 3 other friends looking for sub

Hi kerrianna02, thanks! make sure you join our discord group and you may contact us anytime there. Cheers

hey, i had a trial yesterday. trying to signup via website but im having a hard time. can u help pls m8

how can i get a trial? im using firestick

Hello lemonade, i have PMed you with the details on how to proceed on signing up. Thank you and glad you liked the trial. cheers