Should I use a VPN?


Once I make a connection to a provider is the traffic encrypted and or rerouted? Can my ISP tell where I go after I make a connection to the IPTV provider?

Is PPTP good enough for streaming?

My connection speed is around 40mb without a VPN and only 10mb after which causes buffering.


ISP is not able to tell what data is being exchanged with the final destination server. All they see is an encrypted connection to the VPN provider. I would go with OpenVPN instead of PPTP for max security. It won´t slow your connection down vs PPTP.

More info here:


I use Express VPN, my download speed drop when using is minor.


I use IP Vanish and loose very little bandwidth when connected. For buffering, periodically you need to restart ALL components, Router, modem (if using a separate device), IPTV box, etc… They are all mini computers and collect and hold temporary files that slow processing and uses up bandwidth. Hope this helps.


Why do I need to use a VPN if my connection is encrypted once I connect to my IPTV provider?
Does the IPTV provider reroute me?

Seems like all an ISP could see is me connecting to a IPTV provider and that shouldn’t be a foul. If it were a foul then I would thing they (the IPTV provider) would get shut down.


I currently have NordVPN because the reviews I saw said they had fast servers. My connection speed is fast with VPN off but when I connect to one of their recommended servers the speed drops big time from over 100mbps to less than 10mbps. I tried using PPTP in hopes it would be faster than OpenVPN but the end result is about the same.
Has anyone else noticed this with NordVPN?
I am setting up the VPN on my router so I need to have good throughput. I have a gamer on the network and I have limited there max speed so I should have plenty for streaming.
BTW I notice the slow speeds even when I use the vpn on just one PC.

I’m just wondering what everyone else does.


When I first got my Android TV Box and was doing the setup, downloading apps, etc I saw pop-ups and ads for VPN’s. I bit into this and tried Nord VPN and whammo!!! the response time and streaming capability of my box went from fast and good to slow and horrible. I put up with it for about 3 days hoping it would improve but it didn’t so I contacted Nord to cancel the service and asked for a refund. My response time increased immediately upon stopping the VPN service. A kudos to Nord’s customer service, they responded quickly with my cancellation request and I had my refund by the end of the day,


I think all VPN services are kind of worthless and try to use scare tactics in appealing to IPTV as well as general computer users that they are at risk. As far as IPTV service I don’t really believe the government or anyone else is going to track down and persecute or prosecute the individual user for theft of service. Reference the Set TV shutdown, they were sued by the Hollywood movie producers, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and so on and ultimately forced to shut down but no one reached out towards the subscribers with any type of legal action. If they had I am sure it would have been included in these law suits and been in the news.

Computer use is just as much a scare tactic as they try to foist on IPTV users. For years I have been shopping, banking and so on over my computer. I have very strong anti viral software and malware programs installed and it is extremely, extremely rare for anything to get past them, if something tries to slip thru my anti virus/malware blocks it and notifies me. Also, the way hackers can bust into the servers of the CIA, NSA, other Federal Government agencies, countless banks, numerous major stores, etc, it’s doubtful they wouldn’t also be able to find a way to breach the VPN service,

I don’t buy it and I won’t buy into the VPN’s.


If you must use VPN to watch IPTV, than you will never be able to watch FHD. You are advised to find a quality provider, who does the VPN for you at his backend, so you don’t have to.


I don’t know what FHD stands for. But you bring up a point I was wondering about. Don’t IPTV providers encrypt there data so the customer doesn’t have to?

Would you mind listing a few good IPTV providers?

Thanks in advance.


I would love to do away with my slow VPN if it’s not needed. This is the first time I have heard that I really don’t need one.

What you said makes sense.


Maybe we need a new topic to use vpn or not to use a vpn.


…and a definitive answer to the above would be welcome for me as someone new to IPTV.

I’ve just signed up to NordVPN for a month and am running it on this MacBook. Forgive the naivety of this question but I’m presuming there’s only this machine that has it’s IP address ‘hidden’? All other machines and the Smart TV are still going with their own, original IP address.

Bizarrely, the activation link sent by email for this forum couldn’t be opened when Nord was on (because Safari couldn’t connect to the server ‘tracking forum iptvinsider com’), but was fine as soon as I turned it off! What gives there please?

All advice gratefully received, thanks in anticipation.


You’re correct that your VPN is working on your MacBook only. If you’re allowed to run multiple instances of Nord, then you’d have to install and run it on other devices to ‘protect’ them. Many people run their VPN on a router but that assumes you have a router that’s capable of running the VPN.

As for the debate regarding the use of a VPN, I think you’ll find opinions, facts, examples etc. on both sides. Which flavor of Ice Cream is the best? :wink:

In the end, you’ll just have to educate yourself as best you can (read, read, read) and make your own decision on if you should run a VPN or not.

I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the best advice I can give after over 30 years of fighting with computers and the internet.

Hang in there…it gets easier with experience.


Many thanks.

Apart from connecting Nord to a Stateside server and looking at Netflix as if in USA, I haven’t seen any benefits thus far. My IPTV is working with & without Nord.

The inability to open some links with Nord on is a definite negative. I await Nord’s response on this matter. Thankfully, I’ve only subbed for a month, hopefully I’ll have enough insight by then to make an informed decision on whether to continue.

thanks again.


Alright, here a few more words on the subject.
FHD stands for True Full HD, or a true resolution 1080p - requires anywhere in-between 10-14mbps constant stream. Besides this you also get HD - res. 720p, or a stripped down/highly compressed version of 1080p, requires anywhere in-between 5-10mbps constant stream and SD - res. 480p, requires anywhere in-between 2.5-4 mbps constant stream.
Most mediocre providers give HD and SD. The good providers have HD & FHD for you to use. A good provider would do VPN for you on his backend, so you don’t have to. A mediocre one won’t. Obviously the small, cheap and widely available providers are mediocre. If you are forced to use a mediocre provider, or unable to find a good one, than you have a following dilemma: to use, or not to use a VPN. It depends on the country you are located in. Because some countries have a legislation that regulates IPTV piracy, which contemplates punishment not only to the provider, but also to the user of such type of media. Some countries have a regulation for IPTV piracy, but which does not contemplate punishment for a user, only for the provider. And finally there are countries, which either do not have legislation for IPTV, or do not apply it. USA for example, because of the greediness of ISPs and the corrupt ways of Trump will always require VPN, and possibly in a near future will block illegal IPTV altogether if technically feasible. Countries like Netherlands and UK take themselves very seriously lately, so there a VPN is advisable. Also people in France and Germany should be a bit cautious. Although I am no authority in any shape or form, in my personal opinion the rest of the world can use those IPTV services without a VPN, for the moment at least. What is going to happen in future, no one knows. And again for whatever reason you are forced to use a VPN you will not be able to watch IPTV in FHD (true 1080p). Today impossible, in future, who knows. Unfortunately it is not in my own interest to point out good quality providers, because I am using 2 of those and would like to avoid too much noise around them. I also have area-51 for learning purposes and as a sort of a partial third back-up just in case. area-51 is a rather mediocre provider, although cheap and reliable. And if located outside of the countries I mentioned above you will be totally safe to watch without a VPN. And if ready to take small risks you can use area-51 even allover the world without a VPN. Since those folks will never, ever get caught. For the most time however you won’t notice any difference, because as I already wrote in a previous thread, they do not offer FHD.


Dunno about other countries, but as far as i know, here in canada you can d/l (stream) pretty much anything without breaking the law. That being said, beware apps that stream torrents as then you are uploading, and if you upload copyrighted content, that is illegal. So basically, iptv is currently legal, new movies via torrents not so much. My advice would be to find a fast free vpn.


I’m using VPN and can watch FHD without any issue. My connection speed (200Mbps) drops to half (100Mbps) after connecting to VPN, which is still Ok to even watch 4K contents.


What VPN are you using? I have over 200mbps without Nord VPN but less then 10 with it.


I’m using NordVPN. What type of connection are you using, TCP or UDP?


I’m running NordVPN on my router to cover all connected devices. I think I’m using TCP but would have to double check.
I’m thinking it may be a router issue and am going to update that first ( it’s kind of old).

Any Ruoter recommendations for use with NordVPN?