SIPTVEU shutdown?

During few months this was the best provider i had, but since first of july the image on my MAG device is restarting, imposible to navigate the menu, the provider don’t answer my mails, i think is a big failure on his servers, or maybe the provider is shutdown,
I tried everything on my MAG even i installed a new provider and works fine,

anyone has the same problem with this provider?

this is the website I’m not happy if i dont get a answer from the provider.

Hi, did u try another provider to see where is the problem?

Sorry, only now i realise u try another! sorry

SIPV has been working fine for me on my Samsung TV

looks like strting working well but still is very slow loading the image, but very slow like 3 minuts or 4

Have you removed your m3u completely, then reload and the add the m3u again?

i use MAG 254 and its quite perfect, but suddently image loading take long time, plus impissible navigate between screens, now looks much better, but image still slow loading maybe 2 minuts

After few hours they reset everything on his side and was amazing and they are very polite, now I got more faster and higher quality HD FHD.

now they are again the best provider in quality, quantity and efective comunication with clients.

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