Sly TV poor picture only sd

Hi I have been testing a few IPTV they all seem to have problems stream sly sports. In HD they one I got now is the best so far. But will sly eventually stop us watching there sport output on IPTV like they did with cards sharing. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

Which provider you getting hd

Hi, u should try Santa servers! If u need a trial I can a 24th for u.

There are some very good providers offering free trials on here. I use Firestarter as my main provider, for my requirements, Sky sports and La Liga they’ve been excellent.

Thanks but I found a good supply now and its cheap than what I pay now. Thanks again

Net Streams has FHD streams of those channels. Very good quality. We are not the cheapest service, but our quality, reliability and support is better than most providers you will find. Try us free with promo code FREETRIAL at