Something I don't understand :-)


A speed test at my MacBook is 108/10 . A speed test through the Dreamlink T2 shows only 10/6 +/-. It’s similar with my TZ95 box. What’s up ?




There could be number of issues affecting Dreamlink T2 and TZ95.

Are you connected wireless? Change to ethernet port.

Router far?..Use powerline adapters.

Running VPN? Change servers.

Have VPN application on there?..stop using it, could slow down the boxes.

i think vultures are heading for me on round 2…‘I wound them up’ first time on a previous post…just in case…my paws are ready, so here goes…

Have seperate network for T2, buy router with DD-WRT firmware…or if you have a spare one lying around somewhere flash it and the run VPN.

Hope this helps… Cheerio mate :smile_cat:


Oh…forgot to say Ethernet CAT 7’s cables have great transmission rate than CAT 5/6’s ,if you want change them, less buffering…more purring :heart_eyes_cat:


They are wired . I have IP Vanish on both , but the results are the same with it turned off.


I have a T2 (running next to nothing) and a Fire Cube plugged into the same switch.

The T2 buffers like crazy, the Fire Cube works perfectly.

I really have no idea why. They are on the same network, same cables, neither is being particularly hammered.

So the only difference is the box.


I’m wondering about testing a usb 10/100 adapter .

I rarely have any buffering with the T2 on IPTV . I’m wondering about the validity of the speed test through the box .


I’m my opinion (and as someone who used to design Data Centres including cabling) unless you’re running extremely long distances, a good Cat6 cable is more than sufficient.