Sport focused server: PPV, Bein, iFollow, backup channels and more 30£ for 12 months only! Free 24h trial

  • Sports focused server:

Why pay for full package if all you need is sports? This server is focused on sports with backups so you can watch your game whatever happens! You can choose between full package which includes channels from UK, US, Europe and VOD or sports only package for a great price!

Choosing the sport package only you would get access to:

  • S K Y sport channels
  • B T channels
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • ESPN+
  • DAZN
  • EPL
  • EFLC
  • NRL + AFL
  • F1 / MOTOGP
  • MLB
  • SPFL
  • ifollow

Prices in GBP:

Sports only package Full package 1 connection Full package 2 connections
1 Month Not available 10 15
3 Months 20 25 35
6 Months Not available 35 50
12 Months 30 55 80

Subscription works only via our re-branded apps and webplayer, I can also upload it on your TV give me your mac address via pm and the app you use. MAG and iOS aren’t supported, m3u and xtream codes aren’t available.

  • Free 24h trial for live channels

If you have any questions contact me via pm or telegram : The_pheonix

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can I get a free trial?

Check message, just sent you

any trial plz mate stb emu if poss mac is 00:1A:79:67:99:F0 .thanks

STB isn’t supported, if you have an android you can download our app, pm me

great sports selection. can i have a trial to see the quality?

Check your pm just sent you a message

The sale is still up! Get a free trial now

Sale is still on, get your free trial now

You know the Dazn you mention, is it Dazn Canada?

What’s the difference between the packages?

Hi, also looking for a free trial. I’ll only use the iptv on my computer. thanks

Can I get a trial please. Android TV

Check your messages I sent you information

Best time to try a service is when games are on! Get free trial now for 24h

Rugby is live! You can watch it with our rugby pass channels

Can I have one month package one?

Sent you a message, please check

Try now before buying! Get a free 24h trial

Could I please request a trial? Thanks

Can I get a 12 month sport only sub please?