SRSIPTV - Here to stay! Hot!


Can you please advise what app you are using and can I have the free trial activated


We are using our own app mate and i already gave you a free trial.


May I please have trial. Thanks!


Where can I get the app as I cannot find it?


link deleted for safety


When I try to download the player it asks me for passwords and credit card details. Not happy in doing that


dont enter any details in pre download we dont ask you for your Details!!!

this link is clean: Android/FireTV APP:

Senspace has sometimes scam ads



Please can you send me link for trial?



Hey your free trial is out :slight_smile:


If you still have the free trail going, I wouldn’t mind testing it out…

Thx in advanced.


Free trial is out check you PM :slight_smile:


I’d love a free trial to your service


Is it still possible to have a trial please


I’ve taken out a months sub but no good if you want EPL matches even with a VPN


Hi,I would also love a free trial if still available that is?


Would definitely appreciate a free trial to consider your service, thanks!!!


If still available I would like a free trial too please


Hey guys we have just upgraded our servers for a better non-buffering service enjoyment.
With that we are going for a second round with free trials!


Would like a free trial to test.


Could I get a trial please? I have downloaded your android app.

Thank you