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You already had a free trial.


Free trial is out mate :slight_smile:
Check your pms please.


Can I get a free trial pls?


Trial for me too, please.


Sure guys PM me and tell me which device you are going to use.


I would like to try your free trial. Not sure if I PM’d you correctly. I’m using a Amazon Fire TV. Thanks.


Free trial is out check your PM´s :slight_smile:


Hello can you send me a free trial im using Android box. thanks


I have sent you the free trial :slight_smile:


snooker hi when are you adding different payment methods as you only do credit card at the moment thanks


Hi snooker,

We are looking for other payment providers which accepts more than credit cards.


Hello guys, Black Friday is coming and we have a deal for you ofcourse.

Buy 1 year and pay for 6 months! Stay tuned the countdown has started!


Where can i watch review?


Here are 2 reviews you can look at




Hi please can I get a free trial. thanks


Yes you can just write me a PM with the device you want to watch on :slight_smile:


Hey guys check out our newest review if you are not sure :slight_smile:


Pm sent :wink: :+1: thanks


Interested in Free Trial. Have Norago, Siptv or TV browser


can I have a test please