SRSIPTV - Here to stay! Hot!


Hi just bought weekend pass and I can’t get it to run?


Free trial please… mainly interested in Canadian TV and Catchup service


Can you use it on a mag box?


Of course you can mate


Bought the weekend pass entered the portal you gave me can’t get it to work🤔


Have you entered your MAC adress in the payment gateway?


Hi SeriousIPTV
I have sent you a PM regarding a free trial if still available.



your not answering my question re loss of channels after re subscribing


I’d be very grateful if somebody could just respond to my support request. I joined last week, and I had a concern about your services and asked for an account cancellation and refund … I’ve raised numerous tickets but nobody responds. In fact, the tickets vanish. I’ve resorted to joining other sites to try and reach somebody, but still no answer. I just want my subscription cancelling and a refund (which I requested minutes after paying!) … this is another length I’m going to in order to get somebody to reply! Ian


Will free trial work with mag boxes if so can I get one. Thanks


Hello @SeriousIPTV

Please provide an email address as your site is down and has been suspended according to your splash page

I can’t find any email address online which is worrying on its own and not sure where else to get in contact so I am hoping you read here


Hello crzg our site is back up now.