Streamsforus trial


I’ve taken a trial just for the football, there is not any NBC sports Gold or any nbc sports extra, they are the main 3 o’clock kick off channels.

I don’t think the HD and uhd quality is that great, it looks massively upscaled, is this normal…?


Hi Kelly 22,

I no longer have access to Streams forums but from what I remember for 3pm Kick offs there is an EPL section which should have the nbc Gold channels.

In terms of UHD, I find that when these are labelled UHD, they are mostly 1080p, due to 4k not really being available for most channels in IPTV due to bandwidth limitations.

I have noticed with most services I have used that depending on the channel, the quality can vary vastly. For instance I find LE Sports 1080p 50fps very clear, whereas I find NBC Gold not as clear at 1080p 30fps. I am guessing that the difference could be due to source quality not being at a high bitrate.

For instance the espn+ channels are only 720p but run at such a high bitrate that they look better than most of the 1080p sports channels I have viewed on IPTV.

Sorry I can’t be of much more help :slight_smile:


No I mailed them about nbc gold and they said, channels are subject to change, and we will try to get then out back… so you get all the 3 o’clock in Espn+ ? It’s good to have backup…


I think streams4us and streamsforus are different, the prices are on the sites, I tried streamsforus.


Sorry I used ESPN+ as an example of a great quality channel package.

I find LE Sports and Flow Sports are what I am using at the moment but I am sure they will be quick at getting NBC Gold back soon