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For full details on Subscriptions please email enquiry to

Paid for 1 month sub 24 hours ago still not connected to any server. Guy called Steve reckons he’s waiting on one of his server guys to connect me, ha ha. Needless to say I’ve requested a refund let’s see if Steve does the right thing here.

My advise is to stay well clear.

@rruunneerr we have received your payment and have arranged you 1month subscription, you requested a connection via Smart TV which you sent over the MAC code. We are awaiting one of our guys to connect you I apologise for the delay and this will be arranged. We have kept you informed all the way and have not just taken your money

You advised me your server guy has family problems and that’s not your fault. Well I paid you the money so refund as your not providing anything other than crap excuses

The issue is now resolved and service is provided

Do you guys offer sub for mag box?

Do you offer 24 h trial?

For any information please email us

  1. We are not a reseller 2. How are we delaying a service you haven’t even asked for?

Do you have test for mag256?

Hi can you send me more info

Paid for 11 month subscription and still waiting someone to send me a simple portal link to connect my MAG322, I have send 3 emails and still waiting :frowning:

You dont have the service you advertise, please refund us, we pay you 41,64 GBP

Kan ja få test m3u link.Ta k.