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Hey there! Hope you are well! Just wondered if I could get a sub? Hope you are affordable. Regards.

How much is your service?

do you do trials mate . would like to try . thanks

Check your direct messages please sir :muscle:

Check your DM please m sir :muscle:

Check your private messages please sir :muscle:

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Hi guys
Any chance of a trial please. Firestick.

hi,may i try on pc please
thank you

Free trial please smart stb

Try GingerHD today, we have all U.K. content , all USA content and Global content

We Provide 7 day catchup on most popular U.K. entertainment channels

Never Miss a PPV event again, and don’t throw your money away when you can watch it on GingerHD :muscle:

We accept many payment methods, Bank transfer, PayPal, certain crypto currencies .

What are you using to play the service on your PC please.

Yes of course, PM me your email address please and I will set it up for you.

Thanks for your interest in GingerHD

Hey SAMM56

PM me the MAC address for your STB and I will set the trial up for you.

Thanks for your interest in GingerHD

Mag box please thank you

Can you send your MAC address please mate

Trial if possible please?