They're Like Weeds?


No offense, but there are 100’s of IPTV resellers out there now.
They change the name of the service, but the streams are usually the same I’ve had with a different service.

I’ve subscribed to a bunch with names I’ve seen on reddit and in this forum - but when I load it up it’s the same exact channel list Im used to seeing.

Moral of the story - don’t sub to anything until you take a trial and see what you’re getting?
Be leary of doing anything more than 3 month sub because “” might be gone next week.



Lol I resell iptv and like trying different ones. But you wouldn’t believe the ones I will download their apk before I buy them and my credentials for my iptv will log in to theirs.

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Not Limitless IPTV. It’s the same name and same great service for over 5 years or so.



No offence taken. I have noticed the same over the last few months. I have actually commented negatively on sellers/resellers using this ‘forum’ previously. Not what I signed up for.

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