Third Party DVR Player for TV Streaming


Does anyone have a good recommendation for a third party DVR for my IPTV channels that I watch on my TV streaming device FireTV?



I don’t know if it works on firetv or not. But for my Android box I use extreme IPTV. You can find it can the Google Play Store. There’s 2 version 1 free and the other one costs $2 will be a TV screen with stripes on it. It’s a little tricky to set up so don’t get too frustrated hope it helps.

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Find extreme tv very hard to record shows from IPTV. You do not know if you have to leave the box on the specific channel and close down the TV screen. Very difficult to record



Yes very difficult to use. But for right now does what only I can find. However I have a skystream 2 Box that does let me record and change channels while it recordes. However there is not a timer to set that I can find. So you go to the channel long pause the channel you want to record. Then you can watch another Channel. I do not know if it will still record if you turn your box completely off. Most boxes are always in Stand by mode



Does Extreme IPTV use the epg built in to your streaming service?
Looking for something that works with Desert Streams IPTV.



Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Yes it does. You have to put in your IPTV provider and it uses their EPG. Hope this helps and good luck buddy



yes it works with desert streams
and its really very simple to use,



Thank you, I just found out myself from Desert Streams what is needed for IPTV Extreme.