This was a not the site I joined

I joined this site when it first surfaced many months ago. I enjoyed reading other people’s questions, comments and advice regarding IPTV.
I certainly appreciated contributions by people like Graybeard, who offered free tech advice to everyone.
Now almost all the ‘new’ topics are from sellers trying to sell (push) their services. I would go so far as to question the ability of some of these sellers to run a business, as some come across as rude and not very articulate.
Unsubscribing is my only option.

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Fair shout, interested to hear from more people here. Is the copy/paste advertising, pm me for trial annoying and of little use to you? Happy to implement some rules around IPTV service advertising…

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I get you’re coming from, but this page is what we users make it. There is a section for providers & they’re making use of it.

Perhaps other members have all the info they need and don’t feel the need to ask questions. Though buffering & VPN always seem popular.

I’m always interested in trialling new (to me anyway) Services and also reading reviews from other users.

Maybe we need to raise interest levels and ask opinions, or even discuss the evolving world of streaming with its blocks etc.

Difficult to drive traffic if no one wants to raise their hands.

New services I’d like to try… mainly interested in UK football… but I’m getting buffering 3 O clock games, even with fibre and Vpn…

Sounds like your ISP if you’re only getting it with 3:00 kick offs. Virgin, Sly & BEET do throttle internet streams at this time.

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I said I used a VPN… (I’ve tried with and without) so not the isp

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Try different server locations or different vpn provider

yeah, I also saw… some people offering streaming services , about subscription and other things regrading channel packages. No one giving useful and informative advice when, someone ask query.

And I am using this platform since January.

I also had buffering problems every Saturday at 15:00. Even using a vpn.
I changed ISP, all my buffering problems went away…

What I would like to see is a review after someone has used the free trial, which helps to make an informed decision as to whether or not I will try them


No Vpn needed so far on Saturday

Nickleeson like a parrot… they put a post above this is not the site I joined… as it’s just people punting their service… and you post this… on every post…

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I already silenced him, he won’t post his spam anymore

Yeah but a free trial for 24 hours is not a big enough sample size IMHO. Good for seeing channels but not stability.

i m trying to find option to new post new topic i cant
where is that new topic button

You will have to do certain tasks like Comple the tutorial and like others posts and other things until you become able to create a post and other abilities :+1:t3:

Hi, iptvbiz has the most stable service I’ve used in the last 12 months, has great technical support too with regular special offers. I’m happy enough.

Go on then, give me a clue, how do I create a new post?

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