Trying to Identify my IPTV Provider

Hi all,

I need to renew my IPTV subs soon and I can’t remember the name of the provider, can anyone identify the service provider from the channel line up below (taken from IPTV smarters?

It shows a server address of

Thanks in advance.

Im also looking, where did you find out about this server?

From an m3u line that was on an E2 box I brought off eBay, the service has been excellent for me hence wanting to renew the sub. The original seller is no longer on eBay so I’m trying to renew directly but can’t find out who the service provider is.

Tried searching for the provider didnt find anything. Maybe the Seller stopped selling it generally? If you stilll need help feel free to pm me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok thanks for searching.