TTIPTV,Purchase Today for full UK/Usa/Irish/Asian/Canadian Channels.Such as Sly Sports,BT,Sports,Box Nation,PPV,3pm Kick Off,NFL,NBA,NHL.Also Sly Movies,Usa Movies,Disney HD,Kids Boxsets,all in (FHD,HD,SD) Also inc huge selection of VOD.(NO VPN NEEDED)

Hello and welcome to TTIPTV.

About TTIPTV, I have been established over 3 year now and coming into my 4th year. My team and myself are always on top of the game, keeping on top of the streams and daily content of Movies and Boxsets. There are over 8000 films and 950 Series Boxsets,Updtaed daily, from latest release, to old classics.

There is NO NEED FOR A VPN, as we have one built in and you can still run yours along side ours if you need to, but this is ideal for clients who don’t have a VPN, or are using Smart TV’s.

For non-technical clients, or, technical clients I have my own app which is easy to download and use, especially with android devices. Please find my link below for my app. Firestick users please make sure in Settings, Myfire Tv ,Developer options, ADB Debugging is turned ON & Apps from Unknown Sources is turned ON. Then go and download the FREE app from Amazon store called ‘Downloader’. Once the app is downloaded, open Downloader and put my URL in and download my app. Make sure it is typed exactly the same as you see. This should take no longer then 5 minutes to do and you will be up and running. My app is a professional looking service, and a outstandig Tv guide (EPG)

Pleasse find list below of some of the devices we support.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Amazon Firestick, Fire Tv, Nvidia shield :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: All Android Devices :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Mag Box :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Smart Android Tv & Samusung Tv
:eight_spoked_asterisk: iPhone, Pc :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Smart STB App(Great App),Nanomid,Smart Iptv :heavy_check_mark:

Please Find List Below Of Some Of The Content we Have.

.FULL UK/USA Lineup with EPG
.Films, (VOD) Always updated Daily
.Boxsets, (VOD Always updated Daily
.UK/Sly Sports
.UK/Premier League (3pm)
.UK/Ifollow & Clubs
.UK/Live Events (PPV)
.UK/Bookies & Racing
.VIP/Soccer Hub
.VIP/Fight Club
.VIP/Sports Hub
.VIP/Flo Sports Events
.INT/International Sports
.US/CBS Locals
.US/Fox Locals
.US/NBC Locals
.US/MLB Extra Innings
.US/NBA League Pass
.US/NFL Sunday Ticket
.US/NHL Center Ice
.Adults (Please request when you order your trial or Subscription)
And much more

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Amazon Firestick, Fire Tv, Nvidia shield :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: All Android Devices :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Mag Box :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Smart Android Tv & Samusung Tv :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: WebPlayer for Mobile, iPhone, Pc :heavy_check_mark:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: SMART IPTV APP

Payment Method : I accept Paypal & Bank Transfer

   TTIPTV - Price List

        1 Device - 1 Month - £13 ($17)
        2 Device - 1 Month - £22 ($28)
        3 Device - 1 Month - £35 ($45)

        1 Device - 3 Month - £25 ($32)
        2 Device - 3 Month - £45 ($58)
        3 Device - 3 Month - £60 ($77)

        1 Device - 6 Month - £40 ($51)
        2 Device - 6 Month - £70 ($89)
        3 Device - 3 Month - £95 ($120)

       1 Device - 1 Year - £50   ($65)
       2 Device -1 Year - £80    ($102)
       3 Device - 1 Year - £115 ($147)

Please note
i don’t give free trials of 24 hours from friday 12pm until 18:00hrs Sunday due to all the football and PPV fights ,as this is not fair on my customers who have paid.

I can give a
1hr trial full package with sport.
6hr trial package without sport.
Or you can buy a weekend pass for £5 which is a full package for 48 hours.(This can be purchased any day of the week also)
Then if you buy a subscription the £5 will comes off the value.
Hope you understand

And Thank you from TTIPTV.

Some images below of my app

Look foward to hearing of you have a great day.

All the best from TTIPTV

Also i can provide you with my OWN free App :wink:

Hi - I would like a free trial please. I do not need sportz or adult. Thanks


your welcome what device and app please
Thank you

Hi - I use android tv box with smarters pro app

OK - thanks for the reply

I would like to sign up for 1month

is it same day setup?

have old firestick or can use webplayer


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Can i get a month please.

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hi, looking for an iptv service mainly for usa and canada. does your service have an epg for these?

HI all PM’s have been sent Thank you :wink:

Hi, I see you have the smart stb logo in the picture, can I get your service through the smart stb app on my tv?

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Pm been sent Mhallo :slight_smile:

Can you give me whatsapp number?

Interested in 6hr trial please

HI nick you are welcome for a 24hr trial what app and device please Thank you
please pm me

Hi ibojan i have sent you a PM
Thank you

Hi, could I try out a trial please? Have a firestick & Smart STB. Thanks

Pm sent Joh
Thank you

Can I grab a trial for firestick please buddy?

Looking for a free trial for lg tv through smartiptv app thanks