Universal Remote


Hello all,

I am looking for a universal remote for the following devices:

  1. N Shield 2017 android box
  2. Samsung 2018 QLED 8 Smart TV

I currently use 3 remotes as I cannot find one to use for both devices for watching IPTV.
I mainly use my box for IPTV but regularly using the Samsung SIPTV app to watch IPTV as well. I also watch Netflix and Amazon Prime via the box as well as the apps on the TV.

  1. MX6 Rii 2017 keyboard/air mouse remote
    This was recommended to replace the N.Shield remote and still works well however, It
    cannot switch on/off my Samsung TV. This is a priority.

  2. N. Shield remote. Cannot control 3.

  3. Samsung TV remote. Cannot control 2.

I only need 1 remote to control a measely 2 devices. There are too many choices to pick from on Amazaon.ca and thus I seek some feedback from viewers/users of this forum who like me focus on IPTV viewing to narrow down the contenders. I dont want to spend several hundred only to find it does not work. But if it works, money is not the issue.
Thanks alot.


Harmony hub (with remote) is your friend. Add Echo dot and you can do all that with your voice too