VOD and TV Shows being phased Out?


Hi All
Just a quick question is VOD and TV shows being phased out by IPTV subscribers? One of the ones I am subscribed to has dropped VOD and TV shows citing government privacy restrictions.

Just wondering if this is a wide spread thing where VOD and TV shows will be blocked

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


seems to be happening a lot over the last few months on various providers due to copyright infringement wheather all providerrs remove these weil just have to wait and see


There are many web based streaming options for movies (new and old) and tv shows but you’d have to use a browser or browser app and a VPN would be highly advised when using them. I’ve gone this route since my principle IPTV providers don’t have VOD/TV Shows.


thanks guys I still think IPTV is worth it I used to have Foxtel here in Australia and ditched it after going to IPTV and I am saving money plus with over 1000 channels including the US and UK movie ones its a bonus



I recently got an e-mail from 1 of my 2 IPTV services, KTV Streams, that due to “…some recent developments in the IPTV world…” the VOD portion of their service was being eliminated. I checked the VOD area of the EPG and sure enough all of the movies had been removed. I checked my other service, Efflux, and all but a handful of movies had been eliminated, in the recent past the movie area had been populated by 100’s of movies.

Kudos to KTV Streams for sending out the notice as well as including a code to receive a discount on future orders for the inconvenience and removal of the VOD, but I didn’t receive any type of notice from Efllux about the change in the service they provide.

I wonder if the major studios and movie producers are slowly expanding their quest to eliminate the IPTV VOD service entirely by going after providers one-at-a-time, possibly offering them the option of paying them to stream the movies or face severe and costly legal action and fines if they continue. If that is the case, it will be interesting to see that once they have completed their quest with the IPTV services they continue to chase after web based streaming providers as well.