VPN'S: Are they really necessary?


I’m using Eternal Hosting (three months) and just started Area 51 to back it up. The more I read about IPTV, the more ads I get for VPN’S. Are they really necessary and, do they block Ad’s at all? If needed, what are the best ones to consider?



Greetings I live in Costa Rica where the internet is terrible and a lot of internet companies even the United States do throttle you and cut your bag with so I a VPN. For the cost it’s just Jeep protection. I also use internal and Area 51 and I even have a third one unloaded IPTV which has a lot of movies, 24/7 and series. So a VPN is a good thing to be using it does not cut out ads. I use ipvanish. Good luck on your viewing sincerely Larry


i don’t believe in VPN’s. They are a ripoff.


Yes they are, just read what happened to me


If you’re watching EPL or Champions league football in the UK and you’ve got a non -UK based provider, you will almost certainly need a vpn in order to avoid the blocks that come into action for the duration of games.


Hmm… Why is that?


UK ISPs are blocking it. Only way around is VPN