Whats the best IPTV for UK users?

My stream Vaderstream got shutdown due to an admin who got sacked and then contacted a massive movie company to snitch on Vaderstream.

I am now looking for a good IPTV, so I can stream FHD or high quality sports mainly.
Got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Resoluted https://onlinehostingworld.net/cart.php?gid=9

I use two providers who are regular on here, Firestarter & Serious, although there are other good providers on here if you search.

firestarter is not that bad but its not FHD :frowning:

It is. Not all channels are 50 FPS though.

message fireblazing42@gmail.com

best service cheapest rates…

Have to agree firestarter and serious best for UK also amazing tv

Try excalibur-tv.com lots of UK channels server has over 6000 channels to watch excellent quality.

Ask for 24 hours free trial

Can get you a free 24 hour trial for Titan.

Try excalibur-tv u can get 24hr trial

Pandar tv Email sittlad197@gmail for a free trial


the most stable server on the market…hands down the best

I’ve been using this IPTV server http://iptv-smart.tk/ since 2 years ,quite good quality /price
~ 7$/Month contains UK and US channels

Try AmaZinTV been great for me

email me at sittlad197@gmail.com for a free trial of my pandar streaming service mate