Who has all the Uk 3 o’clock football in HD?


I’ve looked at the comparisons but can’t find a provider that has the Uk 3 o’clock football games in HD, and that are not a high price. Thank you



Most of the services should have 3pm EPL football available.

There were $5 services such as Eternal and Area 51, but these are closed for signups at the moment.

Personally I use Optimus Streams and they have LE Sports, NBC Gold, FLOW sports and Bein Sports for the 3pm EPL Matches. Although they might be seen as pricey at $14 for two connections no IP lock.

I get the service from https://tdshost.ca but netforce is current doing 20% off at the moment.

Another provider I have used that has a similar lineup is Squirrel (Bijou). their site is https://bijou.pm. They are priced at £7.50 for one connection, but don’t seem to offer a trial.

These providers tend to be better if you are based in the UK, if you are based in the USA or around such as Canada. A provider that is reasonable priced I have tried is Streams4us. They are priced at $8 for 2 connections no IP lock, and have the same channel line up as mentioned above.

There site is https://www.streamsforus.net but their service can also be purchased on their telegram chat as well.


Another provider that works very well and has a very active discord group is Network 24

Site: http://network24.biz

Network 24 is unique in the sense that they give the user control that other services don’t. This is achieved by giving users access to a User panel, where they can select what server they connect to. At the moment there are servers in Europe, Canada and USA. This leads to a buffer free experience whether you are in USA, Europe and Asia.

The users can also change sources of channels from multiple sources if there is a problem with a channel. This is especially useful if moderators are not online and a channel is down. Users are able to fix it themselves.

The service has all the Epl channels mentioned above and over 9000+ channels from all countries of the world.

The price is $10 per month for one connection and additional connections can be added for $5 per connection, no IP lock.

This may see pricey but for the fantastic discord support and channels available and the unique features such as user panel where users can change servers and alter sources of channels, it is worth the price in my opinion.

To summarise these services are only examples that I have trialed. The best advice would be to look around this forum and get a few trials from providers to see their lineup.

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Wow thank you for taking time to reply, and in great detail… so you are saying Streams4us have the same lineup channels as Optimus with all the 3pm Uk stuff and ifollows, but they are a lot cheaper, are they all in HD? How long have they been around, as it sounds very good.

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That is correct, and they are in HD. :). Best thing is to ask Tim in the telegram chat for a free test for 24 hours. I am not too sure how long they have been around, but for the cheap price, buying month to month would be a safe option.

More detailed description of channels showing EPL on each of these services.

LE sports: LE Sports 1 tends to be shown in 1080p/50fps. The other LE Sports channels tend to be 1080p/25fps. (English Commentary)

NBC Gold: 1080p/30fps (English Commentary)

NBC SN: 1080p/60fps or 720p/60fps (English Commentary)

Flow Sports : 720p/30fps (English Commentary)

Bein Sport: 1080p/25fps, with some providers having 1080p/50fps, for example Network 24. (Arabic Commentary, but English Commentary on Bein Sport 11)



Optimus is fairly new. Pm for 48 hour trial and 20% promo code



Hi Kelly
amazin.tv.co.uk is working fine for me
48 hour trial £3.99 available



sorry typo



Try Titan…2 day trial for $3 USD.