Xtream TV is Superior IPTV Provider With The Highest Quality Streams In Premium FHD and UHD 50FPS. UK/USA/CA/IRISH. 4K VOD


Xtream TV is Superior IPTV Provider With The Highest Quality Streams In Premium FHD and UHD 50FPS. UK / USA / IRISH

From Around The World. You Can Watch All IPTV, Live TV And Tv Shows And Sports Events

Use my own apps or you’re own

All Subscriptions come with the following:

UHD/FHD/HD 50FPS Sports/Movies And Entertainment Channels. UHD channels are 1920x1080 with higher colour bitrate​

3PM Kick Offs


Live PPV Events​

Over 10000 Movies/2000 Series

TV Guide (EPG)​

No VPN Required

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1 Month One Device £10
1 Month Two Device £14

3 Months One Device £20
3 Months Two Device £28

6 Months One Device £30
6 Months Two Device £42

12 Month One Device £45
12 Month Two Device £60

All devices supported ncluding smart TVs with duplex or smart STB

24 HR trials available…Ressellers welcome…PAYG…Set your own price

You have tried the rest now try the best premium service with UK/USA channels international channels and all sports, A large VODs library updated daily

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Or by email admin@247vpnhosting.net

Would you care to provide details on what channels you have in UHD?

Most of the UK…Sports cinema docs entertainment have a uhd fhd and Sd. And a lot of 4k uhd movies

24 HR trials available…my apps only for trials

Request vod content also available. Telegram request group.

What do you mean by UHD (3,840 x 2,160)? Or is it the classic FHD (1,920 x 1,080 maybe at 50fps)?
Thank you!

You won’t get any TV streams in 4k…vod you will .uhd TV is FHD with a higher colour bitrate…if you have a 4k device and UHD TV…you will see a difference between fhd and upscaled fhd with the higher colour bitrate…UHD

Any chance of a trial

I’ve messaged you . Have you got you’re own app or you want mine

Well, during Euro 2020 there were some 4K streams (UHD → 3,840 x 2,160): RAI4K, Viasat 4K, HK Premier Sports, TVP4K etc. but they were significantly delayed (the best/closest one was RAI4K which was approx. 40 secs later than the actual game all the others being +/- 2 mins) mostly because of encoding I suppose.
What I see now advertised as UHD are in fact raw FHD channels (I would rather trust a reseller that says it straight as it is). Anyway, thank you for making it clear so I don’t need to take a(nother) trial.

Hi,do you support tivimate with XC login?

There is a delay on every stream… no matter what the encoding. True 4k would require a very high bandwidth and the UK’s broadband infrastructure is way behind… average UK speeds are around 36 mb…I get live individual sports events in 4k. But like I said .you would need very good broadband speeds to play em… I had England’s game in 4k…and other euro games. It’s not something I like to push the point off… most customers it just buffers for em… Unless they have very good broadband speeds. You was right about uhd being 1920x1080…like I told you but wrong about them not having an higher colour bit rate…only noticeable with the uhd TV and streaming device . Thanks

Yes mate. Support tivimate with xc login

Can i get a trial?

I can use your app or my own app like tivimate.


Yea mate. Just message me you’re email for a user

All trials now will be my apps only…unless you’ve been a customer for a month so as not compromise the DNS

My own xc app available to use too

Purple with free VPN also

24hr trials available